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New Cryogenic Air Separation Unit


We have available the following New Cryogenic Air Separation Unit; subject to prior sale:

New Cryogenic Air Separation Unit for Sale

New Air Separation Unit utilizing the latest technology to deliver low power consumption and high product quality. The plant is currently staged in the South East United States. (Equipment list available.)

Advanced Design features:
Air Separation Unit with redundant compressors & N2 analyzers (for
purity, reliability, energy efficiency, and rapid restart.)

UHP O2 generation to batch tank with in-line leading
indicator (N2 & Ar) analysis prior to transfer to product tank.

Generation capacity:
Nitrogen: (Gaseous) 400,000 scfh
UHP Oxygen: (Liquid) 3 tons per day = 3,000 scfh

Design purity specifications:
(PPB Max) N2 O2
N2 - 100
Ar - 500
H2O 500 100
O2 500 -
CO 500 100
THC 500 100
CO2 500 100
H2 500 100

Location: USA
* Material / Equipment List Available Upon Request

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.