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Accessories | 6381-ACC

Lot Aircompressors Year 2021 and Floor Scrubber Year 2018


We have available for immediate sale the following Machinery, subject to prior sale and availability only
Proposal Number 6381-ACC

    1    SCC Air Compressor
        Model Focus22
        22 KW
        Year 2021
        Tolpec Gmbh, Germany
    1    SCC Air Drier
        Model DR330
        Year 2021
        Tolpec Gmbh, Germany

    1    Shamal Air Compressor
        Model 22 0.8 VS
        Year    2021
        8 Bar

    2    Vertical Air Receiving Tanks
        Model RV900
        Year    2021

    1    IPC Gasnow Floor Scrubber
        Model CT160
        Year     2018
        IP Cleaning srl, Italy

Your consideration and immediate reply is highly recommended