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Complete Lines | 13256-POY-Barmag

POY Extrusion Equipment

PROPOSAL NO. 13256-POY-Barmag

We have available the following equipment; subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 13256-POY-Barmag

6 Davis Standard Extruders
3.5 inch diameter screw
28:1 L/D Ratio
Model 35IN35, 150 HP,
Air Cooled,
Year: 1991
Price: ex mill floor (4)
(2 Extruders fitted with KTRON Model K4G-2BSP-100
Feeding / Blending system, Year 2006
each with Spiroflow feed conveyors)
Price: ex mill floor (2)
101 Barmag Take up Winders,
Model SW6 2S-90D
6 Threads per winder
Take up tube:
94mm inside diameter
108mm diameter
150mm length
Full package diameter 435mm
Traverse System Birotor
Traverse 120mm
Price: ex mill floor

Complete Winder Repair, Computerized Diagnostic Test Center
Test Stands and run stations
Price: ex mill floor
Location: USA