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Complete Lines | 13256-POY-Comoli

POY Extrusion Equipment year 1996, 1999

PROPOSAL NO. 13256-POY-Comoli

We have available the following equipment; subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 13256-POY-Comoli

3 Davis Standard Extruders
2.5 inch diameter screw
28:1 L/D Ratio
Model 25IN25
Air Cooled,
Year 1996
Price: ex mill floor (one extruder is fitted with
Hartwig 1½" Model 15M24 Sidearm
Extruder for Color Resin)
Price: ex mill floor
4 EMS Spin Beams
16 positions per spin beam
Price: ex mill floor
64 Quench Cabinets,
64 Godet Sections, 2 Roll
Price: ex mill floor

128 Comoli Take up Winders
Model WTU-450
(6) Sections with 6 Threads per winder (96 winders)
(2) Sections with 4 Threads per winder (32 winders)
90mm diameter take up tube
Westinghouse Emmerson Accuspede Inverters
For extruders and Take up Winders
Price: ex mill floor

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.