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We have the following Rope Dye Denim equipment; subject to prior sale:


Ball Warping:

    4 Reed Chatwood Ball Warpers                
        Model BW.54.5    
        With Reed and Rope Condensing feed Stand
        With In-Line Magazine Transfer Creels
        396 ends
        6 high x 33 long x double sided at 14 inch package centers
        Triple Post Tension units
        Electronic Stop motion
        10 Circulating fans each side
        Outside Loading
        Inside Discharge
        Completely Rebuilt 2007

    72 ball warping logs

Indigo Rope Dyeing

    1 Morrison Indigo Rope Dye Range                
        90 Inches wide
        24 Ropes
        Magazine Ball Warp Creel - 48 Ball Stands
        12 Beach Rope Time Delay Accumulator x 30 feet Height
        1 Morrison Pre-Treatment Wash Box with 10 tone Nip Roller on exit
        3 Morrison Sulfur Bottoming treatment boxes each with 10 clays nip roller on exit
        1 Morrison Tight Beach Steamer - 30 feet long
        with Morrison 10 ton nip roller on exit
        13 Morrison Indigo Dye boxes each with 10 clays nip roller on each
        3 sets Time oxidation "skying" roller system
        3 Morrison Washing / Rinse Boxes Each with 10 Tone Nip Rollers on Exit
        1 Time Delay Accumulator 2 Beach x 20 Feet Height
        3 Morrison Final Rinse Boxes each with 10 Tone Nip Roller Stand on Exit
        1 Time Delay Accumulator 12 Beach x 20 Feet Height
        One Set of Stainless Steel Drying Cans in Enclosed Cabinet
        three stacks of 14 off set Drying Cans - Total 42 Cans
        Exit to coiler and Rope Collection cans
        6 Ceiling mounted coiler units - 4 per ropes colier
        Completely Rebuilt in 2007

   64 All Blue Plastic Dyed Rope Collection tubs            
        64 inches diameter
        X 48 inches height with castors

        Rockwell Automation Color Dispensing and Computer Control Center

Long Chain Beamers

    6 Mayer-Griffin Long Chain Rebeamers
        Model Titan LCB
        72 inches wide
        38 inches flange diameter
        With Zig Zag Expanding Comb
        With 2 Circular revolving fans
        With 5 Strand Rope Tension stand - 16 inch rollers
        With Ceiling-mounted de-Twist station
        Year 2010