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Complete Lines | 15248-LUWA

Luwa Bahnson Filtration Systems, Year 2014


We have available the following Filtration System; subject to prior sale:


  2    Luwa Bahnson Filtration Systems
        Free Standing
        Rotary Drums
        Twin City Fan & Blowers
        Each with 75 hp motor
        40,000 CFM each
        3 Pneumafil FDF Filters / 1 Drop Tank
        1 Hoffmann 7 Stage Pump    
        Year of Mfg:    2014
        Location:    USA
        Status:    Dismantled
        Price:    F.O.T.     

** This system provides air treatment and industrial ventilation for the control of all internal conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, and ventilation in factory conditions. The room condition will have a direct positive effect on production efficiency and quality which also will provide energy savings. The Bahnson Filtration units below maintain precise conditions for maximum production efficiency of specific processes, as well as air quality and comfort in a variety of textile manufacturing environments.
Units of this type are installed in many of the Textile Mills throughout the world.

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.