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DORNIER Looms | 13114-DORN

Dornier Terry Air Jet Looms, 260cm


We have available the following Dornier Terry Air Jet Looms; subject to prior sale:


6    Dornier Terry Air Jet Looms
      Model DLWF 4/J
      Complete with:
6    Dornier AT1 command control cabinets    
      Complete with
      PC Modules
      2 AT Warp Let off Modules
      1 AT Start / Stop Module
      1 AT - Air Jet Module
      1 AT Control Module
      1 Control Voltage Transformer

6    Dornier 4 Color weft insertion main nozzles    

5    Staubli CX860 Jacquards Coupled    
      2 x 2688 hooks - total 5376 hooks
      with JC 4 Controller
      Year:    1990

1    Staubli CX860 Jacquard    
      2688 hooks installed
      With JC4 Controller
      Year:    1991

6    Cardan Drive Shafts    

6    Jacquard Harnesses 260cm    

6    Alexco Off loom Take up 260cm    
      loom width with walk boards

12  Dornier Electronic Let offs with servo motors    

12  Dornier Beam Gear wheels    

6    Pair Dornier electronic    
      start / stop / inch control units    

6    Dornier 260cm Ground Warp beams    
      with 800 mm beam heads

6    Dornier 260cm Pile Warp Beams    
      with 1250mm heam heads

6    Weft Creels - 4 ends Magazine    
      Each with 4 ROJ Mini Elf Weft Feeders
      With ROJ control box and feeder stand
      Year:    1991

      Year:    (5) 1990
                   (1) 1991

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.