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Extrusion | 6247-EXT




        Type FB9-1600-WS/HT
        Year 2012
        for the production of PP-tapes for flat weaving
        final application: high tenacity tapes for flat
        Working width 1600 mm
        Die Width 1700 mm
        Net Film Width approx. 1560 mm
        Extruder throughput: max. 750 kg/h (PP melt capacity)
        final tape width 1,0 -4,5 and 7,0 mm
        Total Draw Ratio up to approx.. 1:13
        Denier Range 500 up to 2700 dtex
        practical line speed max. 500 m/min.
        consisting of:
        (1) Extruder, Type 10E10/27D-HSE (adiabatic)
        Screw Dia. 105 mm effective length 27D
        with 205 kW AC motor drive
        (1) Screw Push out device for the extruder
        (1) In-Line Gear Pump, Type GCH35K(Q=350 cc/rev.)
        (1) 5-Component Gravimetric batch dosing and blending system
        incl. mounting frame and feeding adapter for edge trim flakes
        Dosing Range: Main component 50-100%, 1st additive (PE) 1-15%
        2nd additive (CaCO3) 1-15%, 3rd additive (UV) 1-10%, 4th additive
        (color) 1-5%
        (1) Set Feeders for all components and additives
        max Feeding ways: 10 m horizonal – 6 m vertical
        (1) Melt Adapter System
        (3) Melt Pressure Gauges with alarm, indicator in control desk
        (1) Melt Temperature Gauge
        (1) Screen Belt Filter, 150 mm
        (1) Flex-lip die, 1700 mm
        (1) Water Quench bath, Type KBF 1/1600, stainless steel
        (1) Heat exchanger for Quenching Tank, 95 kW
        (1) Film Take off unit with water stripper, 1600 mm
        (1) Film Slitting Station, Type LAS 1600 with 2000 large size blades
        (1) Edge Trim Mill
        (1) Draw Stand I, Type STB9/I/3/1600/NR, 3 Godets dia. 350 mm
        chromium plated width 1600 mm with rubber coated nip roller on
        the last godet, 7,5 kW AC- Motor
        (1) Hot Air Stretching Oven, Type HLS1/1600, 6000 mm long
        (1) Draw Stand II, STB9/II/4/1600/oNR, 4 Godets dia. 350 mm
        chromium plated 1600 mm, 3 Godets oil heated, 1 godet ambient
        (1) Oil heating units for 3 heated godets, each 40,5 kW
        (1) Set of connecting pipes for 3 heated godets
        (1) Fibrillator, Type FIB5/1600, Needle roll dia. 150 mm, 42
        needlebars, density 13 needles per cm, Drive 15 kW AC-motor
        (1) Draw Stand III, STB9/III/4/1600/NR, 4 Godets dia. 350 mm
        chromium plated 1600 mm, 2 Godets oil heated, 2 water cooled
        with rubber coated nip roller on the last godet
        (1) Oil heating units for 2 heated godets, each 40,5 kW
        (1) Set of connecting pipes for 2 heated godets
        (1) Injector tape aspirating system, 1600 mm with 1 suction mouth
        on the first and last draw stand
        (1) Static Eliminator bar 1600 mm width
        (1) Electrical system for FB9-1600-WS/HT with digital AC-Drive
        controllers, Type Siemens Simotion
        (1) Precision Winder, Type ATW 200 LGT, with 250 Pos., inner tube
        dia. 90 mm; Traverse 200 mm, layout back to back in 4 decks
        with second crossing ratio (second set of gears) incl. unit for the
        automatic synchronization of the winder speed with the line speed
        (1) Water Chiller, Capacity 150.000 kcal
        (1) Film Thickness monitoring system, Type Betacontrol with color
        screen and motorized traverse

        Location:    Europe
        Available:    Immediately
        PRICE:        TO BE NEGOTIATED

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.