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Finishing and Dyeing | 12330

Beaming, Slashing, and Dyeing equipment


We have available the following equipment; subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 12330    


  1    Reed Chatwood Long Chain Beamer
        Model UW-6400
        64" Beam Face Width,
        40" Maximum Beam Diameter,
        400 Yards/Minute Maximum Winding Speed;
        with 2-Roll Tensioning Stand,
        Rope-Type, 5-Lane,
        Reed Chatwood Model ACC 60 Tow Accumulators,
        24-Pass; and
        Appalachian Warp Scanner
        Model PN 10415         
        Price:    F.O.T.    


  1    Ira B. Griffin Slasher Headway
        Year 1993
        88" Working Width
        Chromium Delivery Roll
        Speed Control
        Speed Indicator
        Auto Doff / Auto Load
        Emergency Stop
        (2) 5" Beam Guide Rolls
        Chain Drive Beam Adjustment
        Movable Operator Ladder     
        Price:    F.O.T.        


  1    Reed Chatwood Ball Warper
        Model WC 480
        48" Surface Wind
        with Push-Button Control
        2 Roll 54" x Approx. 11" Diam.        
        Price:    F.O.T.    

Additional Items

  3    Titan Ty-in Frames
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  3    Titan Ty-in Frames
        new in box        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  1    Rimoldi Sewing
        Model 264-00-2LA-34
        Duel Needle, 4 Bobbin        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  2    Singer Sewing
        Model 591V300B
        Dual Bobbin, Seam Sewing        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

  1    Singer Sewing
        Single Needle
        SN BA043353
        Without Sewing Table        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

68    Tsudakoma Loom Beams
        1100mm Heads        
        Price:    F.O.T.        

        Location:    USA
        Available:    Immediately

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.