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Finishing and Dyeing | 12966-GR

Dye and Lab equipment


We have available the following equipment; subject to prior sale:


  5    Elbit EVS Inspection Systems
        Year 2005
        96” (2438mm) Working Width
        EVS Image Acquisition Unit
        Model ECMA 814 A-00
        110V 50/60hz
        6000w Maximum

        EVS Mixworkstation
        Model ECMA 110V
        110V 50/60hz
        3000w Maximum
        Controls for Camera Fans,
        Air Cleaners

        1 Chromium Roll 6” Ø
        1 Sand Roll 6” Ø
        3 Finish Rolls 4” Ø
        3 Adjustable Camera Rails
        4 EVS / Dalsa Cameras per row
        12 Cameras Total
        3 Rows lights
        (2) rows with 3 lights each
        (1) row with 2 lights

        ARETA Control Cabinet
        Viewsonic Screen with controls
        Hard Drive / CD, 3.5, USB
        20 Position Printed Circuit Board Rack
        Camera Control Panel
        Temperature Control        
        Price:    F.O.T.     

Approx.    300,000 New Spare Parts

  1    Küsters Dye Padder
        Type 222.11 K2S
        Face Width 80”
        Year 1997        
        Price:    F.O.T.    

  1    8200 Lafer Sueder
        GSM90 Duplex 2172, consisting of:
        1993 Sueding Unit with Feed-In, 78" Wide, GRV-90
        Brusher Box and Dust Collector
        Price:    F.O.T.    

  1    8600 Lafer Sueder
        consisting of:
        1998 Sueding Unit GSM.90 with Feed-In, 86" Wide
        1998 Brusher Box and Dust Collector
        1998 Scray
        1998 Winder        
        Price:    F.O.T.    

  1    8900 Lafer Brusher
        consisting of:
        4 ea. 1996 Brusher Units, 86" Wide, SPLH2100
        1996 Winder, SN: 4061 and 4062        
        Price:    F.O.T.    

 2    1999/2000 Krantz Grading Tables
        with EVS and Barco Software,
        a. Krantz Center Driven A-Frame Let-Off
        b. Krantz Inspection Machine, 84" Face Width, Model
         HST, with Driven Pull Roll, Tension Bars, Lighted
         Viewing Board with Defect Label Applicator,
         Overhead Light, Yardage Counter,
         Railway Sewing with Merrow Head, Under-Board
         Seconds and Cut-Off Rewind, Operator Platform
         and Controls
        c. Two-Roll Surface Wind-Up, 85" x 10" Diameter
         Bed Rolls, Edge Guiding
        d. Roll-Out Table (Discharge to conveyor)
        Price:    F.O.T.

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.