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Finishing and Dyeing | 15248-BLEACH

Fiber Preparation equipment for Dyeing / Bleaching NEW equipment


We have available the following Fiber Preparation equipment for Dyeing / Bleaching; subject to prior sale:


    Note: Kiers and Hydro extractors not included

New in Crates and On Skids Year 2012

  2    (New) Obermaier Hydraulic Packing Presses
        Model HP 1200
        Press frame / Press carrier with turntable
        Filling cylinder / Lifting unit
        Auto lift plate
        3 cakes per carrier
 2     (New) Obermaier Control Panels
        Touch Screen
        Price:    FOT    

12    (New) Obermaier Material Carriers & Handling Equipment
        Model MC 1630/3
        3 x 330kg capacity each
        Perforated basket with lid
        Single wall
        Outer  1520mm / Core 440mm
        Price:    FOT    

  1    (New) Obermaier Hydraulic Fiber Cake Lifter
        Model CL 1500
        Lifting frame
        Hydraulic unit with 4 lifting cylinders
        Pneumatic carrier clamping unit
        Price:    FOT    

  1    (New) Obermaier Five Zone Dryer
        Model CA / 2 / 2000
        1000-1500kg per hour
        Working width 2000mm
        Heavy duty circulating fan per zone
        5 Individual sections for easy cleaning
        Heat resistant paint / Silicon seals
        Price:    FOT    

     Fiber Opening and Cleaning Equipment
              New in Crates and On Skids Year 2012

  3    (New) Sbaragli Fiber Feeders
        Working width 2000mm
        Belt Feed
        Stainless Steel Sides
        Spiked Incline Lattice
        Price:    FOT    

  3    (New) Sbaragli Hopper Feeder
        Working width 2000mm
        Spike Lattice
        (1)used (2)new
        Price:    FOT    

  2    (New) Sbaragli Vertical Fine Openers
        With Chute
        Working width 2000mm
        Fine Wire Exit Roll
        Price:    FOT    

  1    (New) Obermaier Metal Detector

  2    (New) Obermaier Reserves with Belt Weighing
        Model PSW 1500
        Working with 2000mm
        1500 kg/hr with 750kg storage capacity
        Load Cells
        Control Panels
        Reserve with condenser
        Suction fan
        4m feed belt
        Inclined spiked apron
        Volumetric feeding
        Weighing belt
        Transfer belt
        Price:    FOT    

  4    (New) Obermaier Fans
        Price:    FOT    

  4    (New) Obermaier Condensors
        Price:    FOT    

        Location:    USA

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.