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Sanforizing Range


We have available the following equipment; subject to prior sale:


Finishing Department        

  1    Cibi-Tex Sanforizing Range No. 3
        Year 1997
        “J” Scray
        Sky In Frame with Air Guiders on Bridge
        (2) Pre Heating Cans
        Cibi-Tex Compressive Shrinking Machine 76 ¾” Rubber Belt
        30” Dia. Palmer Cylinder with (1) Cooling Can
        Menzel A Frame Winder

  1    Cibi-Tex Sanforizing Range No. 4
        Year 1997
        A Frame let off to “J” Scray
        (2) Pre Heating Cans
        Cibi Tex Pup Tenter w/clip chain
        Cibi Tex Compressive Shrinking Machine 2M
        60” Dia. Palmer Cylinder With FDT Blanket, (2) Cooling Cans
        “J” Scray, 2 meters
        Cibi A Frame Winder

  1    Sperotto-Rimar Sueder
        Year 1996
        Model Vellura
        (2) 24 Roll Cylinders
        Bottom Cylinder with Raising Wire
        Bottom Cylinder with Sand paper
        A Frame Let off and Take Up

  1    Bruckner Tenter Range
        Year 1998
        Let Off From Flats, Sky In w/ KF2020 Guiders on Bridge
        "J” Scray 86” Width with Pull Roll
        Bianco Compact CE
        Bruckner Finishing Padder w/ Rubber/SS Rolls Set on Angle
        1998 Mahlo RFMC-94H Weft Straghtner
        1998 Bruckner Tenter Frame with Knit of Woven Entry
        Horizontal Chain, 8 zones Hot Oil, Cooling Zone
        Mahlo Sensor/Transmitter
        Burkner Accumulator, appox. 80 meter capacity
        A Frame Take Off
        Jergen Peter GMBH Thermal Boiler, H2500, 2907/kw output
        10 Bar, Max. Temp 300 Centigrade
        All Motors Drives

  1    Brugman Mercerizing Range (2M width)
        Year 1999
        Sky In with 87” “J” Scray, Pull Rolls
        Timing Rolls and Foxwell Air Guiders
        Draw In Stand, Rubber/SS Rolls 2M
        Two Stage Impregnation and Reaction, Open Top, 12 set rolls (1st stage)
        8 sets rolls in (2nd stage) Draw In Roll between stages final drawing
        3 Enclosed Washers w/ Rubber/SS Nip sets
        Compensator and Set of Air Guiders
        12 Can Drying Section 30” dia. SS steel cans, steam heated
        Exit stand and “J” Scray with Pull Roll – set of Air Guiders
        A Frame Winder
        All Motors, Drives and Controls

  1    Brugman Bleaching/Washing Range
        Year 1999
        Sky In with Foxwell Air Guiders
        Enclosed Saturator with Rubber/SS Nip set
        Caustic Saturator with Rubber/SS Nip set
        Chemical Saturator with Rubber/SS Nip set
        Tight End Strand Steamer on Gantry
        3 Enclosed Washers with Rubber/SS Nip set
        A Frame Winder
        All Motors, Drive and Controls

  1    Osthoff Singing Range (2M width)
        Year 1998
        Idler Cradle and “J” Scray w/ pull roll
        Osthoff Brusher Box with Line Collection Unit
        Osthoff 2 Burner Singer
        Brugman enclosed Wash/Quench Box w/ Rubber/SS Nip set
        Brugman A Frame Winder
        All motors, Drives and Controls

  1    Inspection Perch    

  3    Inspection and Grading Tables
        Length Measure & Reverse

  1    Poly Bag Wrapper

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