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Nonwoven | 15426

Non-Woven Mat Forming Line


We have available the following Non-Woven Mat Forming Line; subject to prior sale:


  1    OMMI Feed Hopper Opener
        with Hollingsworth MTO
        Working Width 1600mm
        Year 1987        

  1    Temafa Feed Hopper Opener
        Working Width 1600mm
        Year 2007    

  1    Fiber Controls 4 Hopper Weigh Pan
        BlendLine / 60"
        Inclined Spiked Aprons
        Fiber Controls D 147x54 Condensor
        AB 1000 Control
        Year 1987        

  1    Hergeth BlendLine Hopper Feed Chute
        w/Weigh Pan        

  1    Befama Volumetric Feeder
        Fiber Reserves
        Year 2000       

  1    Garnett Controls Card Feeder
        Model Rollaweigh
        Working Width 2500mm
        Weight Control
        Year 2000
  1    Befama Double Doffer Card
        Working Width 2500mm
        Net Through put 2000lbs per hour
        Year 2000    

  2    Befama CrossLappers
        Input Working Width 2.8 meter
        Working Width 3500mm
        Input speed 100 mpm
        Year 2000    

  1    Fehrer Needle Punch Finish Loom
        Working Width 2400mm
        Model NL 9/S
        Single Board Down Stroke
        With CBF Feed Rolls
        Year 1997
        3000 needles per linear meter
        60 mm Stroke        

  1    Multiple Three Head Slitter
        Working Width 2400mm
        Nip Roll Stand/Trim Guide Rolls
        Top and Bottom Blades 6" Diameter
        2 Roll Surface Wind Take-Up
        Year 1997        

  1    Wise Industries Regrinder
        Working Width 48"
        15 hp Blower        
        Year 198?

         Price:    F.O.T.    USD Lot

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.