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Nonwoven | 6111-FL

Complete Flame Lamination Line. BGR


We have available the following FLAME LAMINATION LINE; subject to prior sale:


        Year 2000 ( modernized in 2011)
        Working width 2000 mm
        Burner width 2000 mm with perforated Strip
        2 Burners, gas heated
        Speed 40 m/min.
        with foam motorized feeder and tangential rewinder
        Installed Power: 10 HP , Supply Voltage: 380V/50 Hz
        Rated Capacity of one burner: 22100 kcal/h (25,7 kW)
        Gas Consumption: approx. 1,6 kg/h
        Supply Pressure: 4 Bar
        Cooling installation : water
        Dimensions of the laminator:
        5000 mm length x 3500 mm width x 3500 mm height
        Weight 4300 kg
        The line is currently working.
        It is manufacturing upholstery for automotive.
        It meets the requirements of EU-Directive 98/37/CE on machine safety.

        Flame Laminating:
        This machine allows laminating a melting material (expanded
        polyurethane or PVC films) with other natural or synthetic fibres.
        The machine can be equipped with a series of accessories (accumulators,
        cutting machines, printing heads), which allows it to work continuously
        without stopping the plant to replace the rolls, this improves the
        production capacity of the machine remarkably.
        This type of plant is generally used for large production.
        The flame laminated materials can be used in various sectors as automotive,
        furnishing, footwear, household products (sponges to clean dishes),
        clothing and building

        Location:    Europe
        Available:    Immediately
        Price:    ex-mill floor    EURO

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.