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Spinning | 14157-PP

Complete Polypropylene Multifilament Spinning and Twisting Plant, Year 1995


We have available the following PP MULTI FILAMENT SPINNING PLANT ; subject to prior sale:


ONE Complete Polypropylene Multi-Filament
Spinning and Twisting Plant

840 Denier
Capacity 800 Kilos per days at 23 hours per day
Total production 2400 Kilos per day

Consisting of:

3 Elite Engg Extruder
65mm Screw Diameter
10 HP Hitachi, 1440Rpm Motor
28:1 Length / Diameter Ratio
Hopper Loader 2 HP, 2800 Rpm
Elite Eng Geared Pump 2HP DC
Alpha Nippon 2 HP DC Drive
Gear Pump 15cc
Hindustan Dosing Unit

3 Take up Winding Stations
0.25 PMDC Drives
Spin Finish Roller Motors
0.25 PMDC Drives
With gearbox 140rpm
7 Godet Stretch Rolls - 0.25 Hp Each Motor
5 Winding Heads
AC Drive 3 HP
Year 1995

1 Rieter Draw Twister
Model J5/10
96 Positions
Heater Load 400 Watt
Pid Temp Controllers Sensor PT.100
Main Motor 30 HP 1460 Rpm
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP 960 Rpm
Lubrication Oil Pump Motor 0.5 HP 1400rpm
Thread Motor 0,25HP with gearbox PMDC Drive
Year : 1995

Location: Asia
Delivery: Immediate

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.