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Hergeth Hollingsworth (Karl Mayer) Sectional Warper & Beaming equipment


We have available the following Hergeth Hollingsworth (Karl Mayer) Sectional Warper & Beaming equipment; subject to prior sale:


  1    Hergeth Hollingsworth - (KARL MAYER)
        Fully Automatic Sectional Warping & Beaming Machine
        Model MSL - UP
        Year of manufacture 1994
        2250mm maximum warping width
        Warp lengths up to 3000 meters - dependent on yarn counts
        Cone angle 15 degrees
        Constant linear yarn speed whilst warping
        variable from 50 to 600 metres per min
        Maximum beam flange diameter 1000mm
        Beaming speed up to 75 metre per min
        Beaming tensions up to 3500 Newtons
        Full computer control
        with Fully Automatic Leasing - head and tail of each section width
        with Fully Automatic Section Alignment of subsequent section widths
        with Fully Automatic Start / Stop at beginning and end of each
        section length.
        With Waxing Device for beaming off – independent motor driven
        Waxing Roller – wax reservoir with gravity feed system.
        Location:    Gibbs Warehouse
        Price:    F.O.T.    

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.