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Weaving Preparation | 10657/11742

Rotal, West Point Filament Slasher 3.35m wide, Year 1990

PROPOSAL NO. 10657/11742

We have available the following Rotal/West Point Filament Slasher; subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 10657/11742

1 (Rotal) Val Lessina Filament Slasher
(VL Machine)

Year 1990 - Installed 1991
Maximum Warping width adjustable up to 3350mm
Maximum Beam flange diameter 1200mm
Maximum Beaming Speed 220m/min.
DC Motor drives
Electronic Tension controls

1 Set of Draw rollers
Anti Static bar
Zig Zag Reed with pneumatic drive

1 Adjustable Beam Creel, 54" - 72"
for Filament or Spun Yarn
16 Beams + 2 Beams
40" max. Diameter

1 Size Box
Model 615
78" Wide, Single Dip
Single Squeeze

2 GEAF Radio Frequency Driers
each with
2100mm working width
45 KW Power
Frequency 27 MHz
Double electrodic plane
Exhaust fan
Electronic control panel
max water evaporation - 54 KG H2O per hour
Max power consumption - 68 KVA at max water evaporation

1 West Point Can Drying Section
Model 581 A
11 Cylinders, 30" x 80½"
70 PSI, Individual Temperature Control
Strandberg Monitoring and Control

Location: USA

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.