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Weaving Preparation | 13114 / 12900

1x Benninger Ben-Direct Warper, Year 2001; 2x Hacoba In-Line Creels

PROPOSAL NO. 13114 / 12900

We have available the following Benninger Warper with Hacoba In-Line Creels equipment; subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 13114 / 12900

1 Benninger High Speed Direct Warper
Model Ben-Direct
54 inches Warping width
With pressure Roller
With Zig Zag Reed and Lint screen
Year: 2001

2 Hacoba In-Line Creels
Model USK 125 T/KSE
Working in Parallel
640 Ends each = 1280 Ends Total
Roller Tension Devices, Electronic Stop Motions

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.