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1 x WEST POINT Sizing Machine Model 861 Headway, 2755mm


We have available the following West Point Sizing equipment; subject to prior sale:


1 WEST POINT Sizing Machine
Model 861 Headway
Year: 1989
Delivery Roll 108 ½“ (2755mm)
2 Size Boxes with 72” (1820mm) Delivery
Each Size Box with Single Dip with High Pressure Nip
4 Pre-Drying Cylinders per Size Box
8 Final Drying Cylinders
16 Drying Cylinders Total / Teflon Coated
Dry Cylinder 30“Ø x 80 ½“ Width (762mm x 2044mm)
Beam Stand with 20 Beam Capacity
Temperature Controls
Veeder Root Production Monitoring
Siemens Control Range Drive
West Point Size and Cooking Controls
Reliance Digital Drive

Location: USA

Your consideration and prompt reply will be appreciated.