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Weaving Preparation | # 14398/ 11742-BEN

Slasher Sizing Machine and accessories 3350mm wide

PROPOSAL NO. # 14398/ 11742-BEN

We have available the following Slasher equipment; subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 14398/11742-BEN

1 ROTAL Slasher Sizing Machine (VL Machine)
Maximum Warping width adjustable up to 3350mm
Maximum Beam flange diameter 1200mm
Maximum Beaming Speed 220m/min.
DC Motor drives
Electronic Tension controls
Anti Static bar
Zig Zag Reed with pneumatic drive
Year: 1990 - Installed 1991
2 BENNINGER Sizing Boxes
Model Size-Tec
Each 2 Dip and 2 Nip
Working width 240cm
Year: 2006
2 BENNINGER Dry Can Sections
each of 4 Dry cans One over each Size box
working width 240cm
Year: 2006
1 BENNINGER Final Dry Can Section
8 Totally enclosed Finishing Dry Cans
Year: 2006
Working width 240cm
1 BENNINGER Beam Creel
16 beam capacity
240cm Benninger splined drive beam Adaptors
1000mm flange diameter
BENNINGER beam brakes
Year: 2006
1 Oiling and Lubrication Trough
Reliance Drives throughout
Moisture and Stretch monitoring
Price: F.O.T.

Complete Size Kitchen
1 Heated Mixing Tank with Agitator
2 Heated Storage Tanks with Agitators
Year: 1998
Price: F.O.T.

80 Aluminum Section Beams
240cm warping width
1000mm Beam Flange Diameter
Splined Gear Drive ends
Price: F.O.T.

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.