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1 x Suzuki Sample Warper Mod. NAS-300 CS, 2250mm, Year 2006


We have available the following Suzuki Single End Sample Warper; subject to prior sale:


1 Suzuki Sample Warper
Model NAS-300 CS
Working-Width 2250 mm,
Year: 2006.
Equipped With:
Operation System With Combined Creels In One Process
Rotational Creel 8 Colors With 8 Weft-Accumulators Lgl Smart
Standard Creel 10 Colors With 10 Weft-Accumulators
Lgl Progress + Bobbins Holder 10 Positions
Drum Circumference 10 meters
Direct Beaming Unit
Computerized System For Patterns Control
And Creels Combination Control, Including External PC
Modification Recently Applied To Allow Up To
4 Levels Of Separation For Sizing
machine in top condition, actually running,
complete of all necessary parts for normal functioning
Location: Europe

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.