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Weaving | 13768

Rebeaming Equipment


We have available the following Rebeaming Equipment subject to prior sale;

PROPOSAL NO. 13768 Rebeam

10    McCoy Ellison Re Beamers
        Model ME-1,
        72 ½ ” Wide x 38” Flange Diameter
        Model 201 Accumulators with 14 Rolls (2x7)
        Model 315 Tension Stand
        With Comb / Foot Control / Fan
        Controls for Start / Stop / Doff / Load
        Meter Counter
        Reconditioned and Upgraded to 2010

        Location:    USA
        Price:    FOT

  1    Reed Chatwood Model UW-6400 Beam Warpers
        Year 1996
        64" Beam Face Width, Estimated 40" Maximum Beam Diameter,
        400 Yards/Minute Maximum Winding Speed;
        2-Roll Tensioning Stand, Rope-Type, 5-Lane,
        12" Roll Width, 11-1/2" Roll Diameter;
        Reed Chatwood Model ACC 60 Tow Accumulator

        Available:    Immediately
        Price:    FOT


    2    Reed Chatwood upright tension stand
    2    McCoy Ellison upright tension stands
    3    Shop Built low profile tension stands
    1    McCoy Ellison in line accumulator
    1    Reed Chatwood in line accumulator
    1    McCoy Ellison Rebeamer ME 1 (parts)
          Available:    Immediately
          Price:    ex mill floor

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.