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STAUBLI Single end Control Jumbo Electronic Jacquard


We available for immediate Sale the following JACQUARD MACHINE WITH INDEPENDENT HOOK CONTROL- TECHNICAL FABRICS, 3D FABRICS, GLASS AND CARBON FIBERS, subject to remaining unsold:


1    STAUBLI Single-end Control Jumbo Electronic Jacquard

Model Unival 100

Servo Driven Actuators for each single Hook

Single end control

15,360 format

14,184 hooks installed

Separate interface to the weaving machine

With JC6 Jacquard controller with touch screen

With Free Standing Chiller and Cooled Air Circulation System

For maintaining a constant temperature within the Jacquard

Complete with

Letti Single Jacquard Free Standing Gantry

Overall width 27 feet

Width between legs 20 feet

G Dimension 12 feet 6 inches

Without Harness

Year       2004


Conventional Hooks, Knives, and Jacks are eliminated

Individual height lifting of each end is separately controlled through Jacquators

Delicate and Yarns with less elongation / stretch are under stainless time

Timing of the list of each end enables the shed opening only as the weft passes

Ripple shedding put less strain on the warp ends

Synchronized jacquard and Loom

No mechanical drive from loom to jacquard

Less vibration

15,000 hook lifts with less strain due to independent separate control

Your consideration and an immediate reply will be greatly appreciated.