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Weaving | 6381-NF

17 x Year 2019 Narrow Fabric Needle Looms For Weaving Heavy Gauge Lifting Straps


We have available for immediate sale the following Narrow Fabric Tape Looms, subject to prior sale and availability only

Proposal Number 6381-NF

    One Lot of 17 Narrow Fabric Needle Looms
    For Weaving Heavy Gauge Lifting Straps
    By Global Industries, Ahmedabad, India

    Comprising of:

    7     AMTRAC Needle Looms
        Model 4-75
        4 Head
        75mm wide tapes
        Year    2019

    9     AMTRAC Needle Looms
        Model 6-50
        6 Head
        50mm wide tapes
        Year 2019    

    1     AMTRAC Needle Looms
        Model 8-30
        8 Head
        30mm wide tapes
        Year    2019

    Delivery : Immediate