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Nonwoven | 16150

Geotextile Nonwoven Line


We have the following Geotextile Nonwoven Line available; subject to prior sale.


Fiber Opening & Blending:

1    CROMPTON & KNOWLES Blending Line

    Type 360 BFS

    With 5 Manual Feed Tables with Aprons

    Each feed table 36 inches wide x 72 inches long

    5 Weigh pans with Electonic Load Cells

    Fiber Metering conveyor

    Fiber transport fan

    Hump Magnet Metal Detector

    Control Panel


1    SPINNBAU Nonwoven Double Doffer Card 

    Random card  type  AP3547

    Width 2,5 meter

    FBK 535 chute feed

    First Cylinder with 1 worker/stripper 

    Main Cylinder with 5 worker/stripper

    Double doffer with condenser rolls on top doffer

    Normal takeoff cylinder on bottom doffer , exit belts 

    Speed on 100 mt/min

    Max capacity 400/450  kg/h

    Including control panel cables all Motors

Cross Lapper

1    ASSELIN Crosslapper

    Type Profile, Series 658

    2.5 Meter input

    6.8 Meter output

    Max speed 120 meters per min



1    FEHRER Pre Needle Loom

    Type NL9S

    7.2 Meter max-width

    Single Board Downstroke

    2658 Needles per Linear Meter

    1325 strokes per min

    60mm stroke


    FEHRER Feed System

    Type FFS

    7.2 meter working width

Finish Needle

1    FEHRER Finish Needle Loom

    Type NL.42

    6.7 Meter width

    Quad Punch – 4 Boards

    2 Boards downstroke & 2 Boards Upstroke

    70mm stroke

    9702 needles per linear meter

    1100 strokes per min



    Calender with two rolls diam 600X 7000

    Working width 7 meter 

    Pression 15 ton

    Temperature of cylinders 230°

    Free Space from the cylinders 50 mm

    Speed from 0 to 15 mt/per min with inverter

    Diatermic oil with max temperature 280°

    Including renew control panel 2019 and console 

    Without Boiler

Winder & Slitter

1     TECNOPLANTS Winder

    Type LTC67-CCRB

    Working width 7 meter

    Including control panel, cables, all motors, and every component

    Cutting, winding device from Technoplants, winding speed up to 30 m/minute, automatic tube reservoir, automatic roll unloading  cycle, allows high-speed packing

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