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Nonwoven | 5871-NON

Complete Thermobonding Line with Paste Dot Coating Unit


We have available the following Nonwoven Thermobonding Line with Coating; subject to prior sale:


    Complete Thermobonding Nonwoven Line with Paste Point
        Double Dot Scatter Coating
        Capacity 400 kg/h
        Min Weight 16,5 g/m²
        Max. Weight 90 g/m²
        consisting of:
    2    Truetzschler License Bale-Openers
        with Weighing Pans
        Year 2004
        Working width 1200 mm
        composed of:
        infeed conveyor, intermediate conveyor, spiked apron,
        electric motors with 2 mechanical scales
        complete with: basket for fiber
        containing, aluminum light alloy
        - 1 transversal conveyor to collect the fibers dropped by the scales
        – 1 motor fan
        - 1 electric control panel and Siemens PLC system
    1    FOR Opening And Blending Machine
        Year 2004 (refit 2012 June)
        with 6 zones for blending,
        complete with all motors and electric cabinets
    1    FOR fine opener
        Year 1996 (refit 2012 June)
        complete with motorfan and all fiber transport tubes.
    1    FOR card
        with Volumetric Chute Feed
        Card Model: Injection
        Year 1996 (refit 2012 June)
        Working width 3200 mm
        Double Swift And Double Doffer
        Max.Speed: 200m/Min
        Capacity 650 kg/hour Capacity
        16gr/m2 - 55gr/m² weights
        with Brushless Motors For All Drives Of The Card And Feeder
        - Electric Control Panels With Siemens Touch Screen PLC

    1    Comerio Ercole Thermobonding Calender
        Year 1996 (refit 2012 June)
        Working width 3200 mm
        Heating By Electricity With Termic Oil,
        Complete With 2 Flat And 2 Engraved Cylinders, Cooling Cylinders,
        Max. Temperature 260 °c
        Max Speed 200 Mt/Min
        Complete With Electric Control Cabinet
        2012 refit:
        The calenders were renewed,
        All control panels on all machines are brand new.
        The motors and drivers were renewed.

    1    Caratsch paste point double dot scatter coating
        Working width 2500 mm
        Consisting of:
        Caratsch Paste Point Head, Year 1994
        Schaetti Scattering Unit, Year 2005
        Schaetti Double Dot Suction Unit, Year 2004
        Krelus Dot, Year 2004
        Caratsch Drying Oven: Year 1994
        Schaetti Double Dot Filter System, Year 2004

        Location:    Europe
        Available:    Immediately
        Price:        ex-mill floor    

Your consideration and prompt response will be most appreciated.