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Open End Spinning | 14439-R20

Rieter R20 Open End Spinning Frames

PROPOSAL NO. 14439-R20

We have available the following Rieter R20 Open End Spinning Frames; subject to prior sale:

PROPOSAL NO. 14439-R20

  3    Rieter Open End Spinning Frames
        Model R20
        240 Rotors
        2 Piecers
        Year:    (1) 2000
                     (1) 2001
                     (1) 2003
        (1) w/Amsler Model STG 4000, Year 2004
        Price:    F.O.T.    USD    
        (2) w/Pinter Model G370, Year 2008
        Price:    F.O.T.    USD    

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